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Books By Shri Mukunda Rao

Books By Shri Mukunda Rao on UG

Shri Mukunda Rao has come out with two book on UG:
Published by Penguin Books India. is the Indian affiliate of the internationally renowned Penguin Group,

The Other Side of Belief
Mukunda Rao

This is by far the most comprehensive work on UG's teachings. The most touching part of reading this was author's own experiences with UG specifically in context to his daughter. A MUST READ.

U.G. Krishnamurti Reader
Edited by Mukunda Rao
For getting some idea of what UG is trying to communicate, reading this book is imperative.

Suggest you explore the following included pdf file which contains UG's Life sketch from "U.G. Krishnamurti Reader" and three chapters from "The Other Side Of Belief" plus exceprts of U.G.Teachings:.Click Here

A very brief introduction to Shri Mukunda Rao: The author has been teaching in an undergraduate college in Bengaluru for the last 30 years; a long time admirer and student of UG and author of 8 books of fiction and non-fiction and two plays; he can be reached at



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