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For more than half his life, U. G. Krishnamurti devoted himself to seeking God, enlightenment, Self-Realization Like so many others, he sought out saints, sages, gurus, and yoga masters- all to no avail. Freedom and equanimity continued to elude him. One day, in his 49th year, after attending a talk by J. Krishnamurti, an inward explosion took place; and the entire history of collective and personal consciousness was blasted out of his system, once and for all. Following this "calamity," as he called it, U. G. was a changed man-thrust into a natural state of being-and he spent the rest of his days slaying every sacred cow and convention known to humankind: religion, meditation, yoga, scriptures, reform, feminism, psychology, vegetarianism--not a single practice or tradition was left standing. If you dare to have all your glib answers questioned, if you are prepared to have every cherished belief and assumption turned upside down-then this book of devastating wisdom is for you.

A stunning yet thought-provoking collation of statements from the 'teaching' of the modern Sage U.G.Krishnamurti that should reset the spiritual clock for our age. Spiritual business is going to be at stake and gurus are going to be angry/upset.

-Mukunda Rao,
Author of The Other Side of Belief: Interpreting U. G. Krishnamurti

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About the Author:

Robert Epstein is a licensed psychologist, free-lance writer and haiku poet working in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been studying Eastern philosophy and spirituality for more than thirty years.

What Others Have To Say About The Book:

Robert Epstein has done a wonderful job of collecting the essence from UG's talks and distilling them into this compact anthology - a primer of sorts on the journey to understanding UG... or is it your own self !

-Sunita Pant Bansal, writer & editor of spiritual books.


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