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LL reviews the book "Goner" by Louis Brawley...

Knowing only slightly more than bits on the topic of UG Krishnamurti, I found “Goner: The Final Travels of UG Krishnamurti” by Louis Brawley autobiographical and biographical delivered with novel appeal. Louis gives us UG from the perspective of one who was deeply touched by the presence of a man I could only borrow words to describe. This UG seems more like a color than a group of words to me now.

We follow Louis trying to keep pace with the old man, getting tired and twisted cranky sometimes. We follow the myriad of friends, stirring together in a pot like seasoning for soup. The parade of what initially seems like too many names flow together and turns into the kind of feast that is prepared when the artists get do the cooking. Some others, like tangible shadows, take on glimpses of features as they float in and out of the scene.

The reader sees through a window, as Louis nurses the old sage, dying yet still firing on all possible cylinders right up to the end. UG was carried in Louis’ arms like a child at necessary times when he became bedridden. We see a bond that is unlike another one.

UG barks, “getoutofhere” so I will leave him be. The book does not, so get what you get, hold steady, pause, and take deep breaths as you read chapter twenty-seven. Brawley’s writing likens a camera lens catching light in the way that can makes a heap look like a pot of gold, even if it is for just milliseconds at a time. This is a book for readers to read.


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